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Course Code: HOR 111


The course is offered against a background of growing concern on the impact, sustainability of agricultural production practices and food safety.  It provides the participant the required foundation knowledge, skill and attitude to undertake sustainable horticultural production, consolidate their field experience and be a professional operating in a sustainable context.

Course outline

  • Review of main farming systems and global context
  • The Global context
  • Impact of modernisation of agriculture
  • Agribusiness: factors of production: land, labour, capital, knowledge and skills – managing resources, market led production, value chain
  • Climate and impact
  • Water, Soil and Soil fertility
  • Basic Principles of Plant Growth
  • Plant classification
  • Plant nutrients and nutrient management.
  • Fertilisers and fertilisation
  • Irrigation management and irrigation system
  • Cultural practices, plant propagation
  • Sustainable practices
  • Basics of crop protection
  • Sustainable crop production practices

5 half day sessions (15 hours)